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Hybrid Materials Interfaces
Grenzflächen in der Bio-Nano-Werkstofftechnik







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12. G. Gebreyesus, L. Bastonero, M. Kotiuga, N. Marzari and I. Timrov
Understanding the role of Hubbard corrections in the rhombohedral phase of BaTiO3
Physical Review B 108, 235171 (2023) Full text ; arXiv
11. S. Kumar, B. Demir, A. Dellwisch, L. Colombi Ciacchi, T. Neudecker
Multiscale mechanochemical modeling of spiropyran-merocyanine isomerization in linear PMMA polymers
Macromolecules 56, 8438-8447 (2023) Full text ; ChemRxiv
10. J. Berges, N. Girotto, T. Wehling, N. Marzari, and S. Poncé
Phonon self-energy corrections: to screen, or not to screen
Physical Review X 13, 041009 (2023) Full Text
9. U.-C. Fletemeyer, W. Dononelli, C. Müller-Bork, J. Stelten and F.-P. Montforts
Synthesis of donor substituted chlorophyll derivatives for application in dye sensitized solar cells
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 26, e202300816 (2023) Full text
8. M. Michaelis, L. Cupellini, C. Mensch, C.C. Perry, M. Delle Piane, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Tidying up the conformational ensemble of a disordered peptide by computational prediction of spectroscopic fingerprints
Chemical Science 14, 8483-8496 (2023) Full text ; ChemRxiv
7. H.A. Schmid-Beurmann, W.-A. Kahl, W. Bach, M. Ivarsson, M.E. Böttcher, J. Peckmann
Dispersal of endolithic microorganisms in vesicular volcanic rock: Distribution, settlement and pathways revealed by 3D X-ray microscopy
Terra Nova 00, 1-8 (2023) Full text
6. M. Sommer, W.-A. Kahl, R. Fechte-Heinen, S. Hoja
Microscopic Characterization of Compound Layers
Practical Metallography 60, 212-241 (2023) Full text
5. K.C. Adamsen, N. Petrik, W. Dononelli, G. Kimmel, T. Xu, Z. Li, L. Lammich, B. Hammer, J.V. Lauritsen, S. Wendt
Origin of hydroxyl pair formation on reduced anatase TiO2(101)
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25, 13645-13653 (2023) Full text
4. G. Wittstock, M. Baeumer, W. Dononelli, T. Klüner, L. Lührs, C. Mahr, L.V. Moskaleva, M. Oezaslan, T. Risse, A. Rosenauer, A. Staubitz, J. Weissmüller, A. Wittstock
Nanoporous gold: from structure evolution to functional properties in catalysis and electrochemistry
Chemical Reviews 123, 6716-6792 (2023) Full text
3. M. Kløve, S. Sommer, B.B. Iversen, B. Hammer, W. Dononelli
Machine learning based approach for solving atomic structures of nanomaterials combining pair distribution functions with density functional theory
Advanced Materials 35, 2208220 (2023) (Frontispiece) Full text ; arXiv
2. A. Avdoshin, V. Naumov, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Ignatov, S. Köppen
Atomistic simulations of chitosan as possible carrier system for miRNA transport
Materials Advances 4, 1113-1124 (2023) Full text
1. M. Wolpmann, M. Etter, A. Kirsch, F. Balzaretti, W. Dononelli, L. Robben, T.M. Gesing
Halide-sodalites: thermal behavior at low temperatures and local deviations from the average structure
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials 238, 27-38 (2023) (Front Cover) Full text
Other articles
3. F. Theis, P. Götz, S. Vöhringer
Zur Sonderausstellung "Seh-Stücke - Maritimes digital entdeckt" des Projekts "Digital Materialities"
Deutsche Schiffahrt 2, 22-25 (2023) Full text
2. W. Dononelli
Das Experiment direkt in die quantenchemische Modellierung einbeziehen
Bunsen Magazine 6, 204-207 (2023) Full text
1. J. Berges
Toward a Complete Theory of Crystal Vibrations (Viewpoint)
Physics 16, 151 (2023) Full text