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Conrad Naber Endowed Chair
Hybrid Materials Interfaces
Grenzflächen in der Bio-Nano-Werkstofftechnik







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9. H. Wang, S. Benter, W. Dononelli, T. Neudecker
JEDI: A versatile code for strain analysis of molecular and periodic systems under deformation
Submitted ChemRxiv
8. M. Vollbrecht, K. Pramanik, L. Colombi Ciacchi, L. Mädler
Investigating the compositional space of gas-phase synthesized fayalitic model slags aiming at cobalt recovery
7. E. Macke, I. Timrov, N. Marzari, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Orbital-resolved DFT+U for molecules and solids
6. A. Pazhedath, L. Bastonero, N. Marzari, M. Simoncelli
First-principles characterization of thermal conductivity in LaPO4-based alloys
Submitted arXiv
5. F. Zeller, C.-M. Hsieh, W. Dononelli, T. Neudecker
Computational high-pressure chemistry: ab initio simulations of atoms, molecules and extended materials in the gigapascal regime
Submitted ChemRxiv
4. L. Bastonero, N. Marzari
Automated all-functionals infrared and Raman spectra
Submitted arXiv ; Materials Cloud Archive
3. Y.-X. Tsai, N.-E. Chang, K. Reuter, H.-T. Chang, T.-J. Yang, S. von Bülow, N. Zerrouki, M. Gecht, C. Penet, I.L. Grothaus, L. Colombi Ciacchi, K.-H. Khoo, G. Hummer, S.-T.D. Hsu; C. Hanus, M. Sikora
Rapid simulation of glycoprotein structures by grafting and steric exclusion of glycan conformer libraries
Cell 187, 1296-1311 (2024) Full text ; Press release
2. M.I. Guanipa Ortiz, Y.R. Corrales Ureña, F.H. Baggio Aguiar, D.A.N. Leite Lima, K. Rischka
Enzymatically driven mineralization of a calcium-polyphosphate bleaching gel
Bioengineering 11, 83 (2024) Full text
1. C. Arend, I.L. Grothaus, M. Waespy, L. Colombi Ciacchi, R. Dringen
Modulation of multidrug resistance protein 1-mediated transport processes by the antiviral drug ritonavir in cultured primary astrocytes
Neurochemical Research 49, 66-84 (2024) Full text