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Hybrid Materials Interfaces
Grenzflächen in der Bio-Nano-Werkstofftechnik








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17. T. Halfer, A. Rei, L. Colombi Ciacchi, L. Treccani, K. Rezwan
Selective covalent immobilization of ferritin on alumina
Biointerphases 9, 031018 (2014) Full text
16. A. Dianat, N. Seriani, L. Colombi Ciacchi, M. Bobeth, G. Cuniberti
DFT study of reaction processes of methane combustion on PdO(100)
Chemical Physics 443, 53-60 (2014) Full text
15. S. große Holthaus, S. Köppen, T. Frauenheim, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Molecular dynamics simulations of the amino acid-ZnO (10-10) interface:
A Comparison between DFT and DFTB results
Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 234707 (2014) Full text
14. J. Larrucea, S. Lid, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Parametrization of a classical force field for iron oxyhydroxide/water interfaces based on density functional theory calculations
Computational Materials Science 92, 343-352 (2014) Full text
13. J. Wang, J. Li, X. Kuang, Y. Fan, G. Wei, Z. Su
Electrostatic assembly of peptide nanofiber-biomimetic silver nanowires onto graphene for electrochemical sensors
ACS Macro Letters 3, 529-533 (2014) Full text
12. J. Wang, H. Wang, Y. Wang, J. Li, Z. Su, G. Wei
Alternate layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide nanosheets and fibrinogen nanofibers on a silicon substrate for a biomimetic three-dimensional hydroxyapatite scaffold
Journal of Material Chemistry B 2, 7360-7368 (2014) Full text
11. P. Zhang, Y. Huang, X. Lu, S. Zhang, J. Li, G. Wei, Z. Su
One-step synthesis of large-scale graphene film doped with gold nanoparticles at liquid-air interface for electrochemistry and Raman detection applications
Langmuir 30, 8980-8989 (2014) Full text
10. P. Zhang, X. Zhao, X. Zhang, Y. Lai, X. Wang, J. Li, G. Wei, Z. Su
Electrospun Doping of Carbon Nanotubes and Platinum Nanoparticles into the β-Phase Polyvinylidene Difluoride Nanofibrous Membrane for Biosensor and Catalysis Applications
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 7563-7571 (2014) Full text
9. X. Zhao, Y. Li, J. Wang, Z. Ouyang, J. Li, G. Wei, Z. Su
Interactive Oxidation-Reduction Reaction for the in Situ Synthesis of Graphene-Phenol Formaldehyde Composites with Enhanced Properties
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 4254-4263 (2014) Full text
8. Z. Su, J. Li, Z. Ouyang, M. M. L. Arras, G. Wei, K. D. Jandt
Biomimetic 3D hydroxyapatite architectures with interconnected pores based on electrospun biaxially orientated PCL nanofibers
RSC Advances 4, 14833-14839 (2014) Full text
7. J. Reinhold, T. Veltzke, B. Wells, J. Schneider, F. Meierhofer,
L. Colombi Ciacchi, A. Chaffee, J. Thöming
Molecular dynamics simulations on scattering of single Ar, N2, and CO2 molecules on realistic surfaces
Computer & Fluids 97, 31-39 (2014) Full text
6. A. Dominguez García, S. große Holthaus, S. Köppen, T. Frauenheim, A. Da Rosa
The role of water co-adsorption on the modification of ZnO nanowires with acetic acid
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 8509-8514 (2014) Full text
5. R.H Meißner, J. Schneider, P. Schiffels, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Computational prediction of circular dichroism spectra and quantification of helicity loss upon peptide adsorption on silica
Langmuir 30, 3487-3494 (2014) Full text
4. G. Wei, Q. Li, S. Steckbeck, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Direct force measurements on peeling heteropolymer ssDNA from a graphite surface using single-molecule force spectroscopy
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 3995-4001 (2014) Full text
3. S. Steckbeck, J. Schneider, L. Wittig, K. Rischka, I. Grunwald, L. Colombi Ciacchi
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Analytical Methods 6, 1501-1509 (2014) Full text
2. H. Wang, D. Sun, N. Zhao, X. Yang, Y. Shi, J. Li, Z. Su, G. Wei
Thermo-sensitive graphene oxide-polymer nanoparticles hybrids: synthesis, characterization, biocompatibility and drug delivery
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2, 1362-1370 (2014) Full text
1. Q. Li, X. Zhang, J. Li, Z. Ouyang, Z. Su, G. Wei
A highly effective reactive liquid crystal for the improved β-nucleation of isotactic polypropylene
Polymer Engineering & Science 54, 2112-2120 (2014) Full text