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1. F. Balzaretti, M. von Einem, L. Gerhards, W. Dononelli, T. Stauch, Th. Klüner, S. Köppen
Charge-Transfer Promoted Fixation of Glyphosate on TiO2 - a Multiscale Approach
(2021) chemrxiv.14465436


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Materials Advances, (2023) Full text
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Nature Communications 13, 4692 (2022) Full text ; Blog post
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Biomacromolecules 22, 4642-4658 (2021) Full text
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A Comparison between DFT and DFTB results
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Z. Phys. Chem. 221, 3-20 (2007) Full text
1. S. Köppen, W. Langel
Simulation of the Interface of (100) rutile with aqueous ionic solution
Surface Science 600, 2040-2050 (2006) Full text

Proceedings and other articles

1. L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Köppen
Nanoscale properties of solid-liquid interfaces
Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, Part 14, 1728-1733
Edited by B. Bhushan, Springer Verlag (2012) Full Text

Invited Talks

6. Modelling of hybrid interfaces: Does water play a role?
IN2UB Seminar – Interfaces and Surfaces, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, October 2022
5. Wohl definierte Grenzen - anziehende und abstoßende Effekte an hybriden Grenzflächen bis auf das letzte Atom genau
Bionik Seminar Hochschule Bremen (virtual), Bremen, Germany, January 2020
4. Ein Physiker auf dem Weg zur wahren Matrix
Colloquium on the occasion of the farewell of my Doctor Father Prof. Dr. Walter Langel, Greifswald, Germany, April 2019
3. Biomolecular Adsorption on Oxide Surfaces: What do Hybrid Materials Interfaces look like?
Seminar talk at Max Planck Institue for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany, November 2012
2. Theoretical investigation of biofunctionalized oxide surfaces
Thermec - International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, Quebec City, Canada, August 2011
1. Bio-functionalization of Technically Relevant Oxide Surfaces: A Theoretical Approach
EMRS Spring Meeting "Bioinspired and biointegrated materials as new frontiers nanomaterials II" Nice, France, May 2011

Conference Talks

15. S. Köppen
About the interaction of (bio)molecules and materials surfaces in aqueous ionic solutions – an atomistic study
Annual Meeting of the European Molecular Liquids Group (EMLG), Barcelona, Spain, September 2022
14. S. Köppen, Dorothea Brüggemann
Induction of in vitro fibronectin fiber assembly: an in silico study
6th BioMAT (virtual), May 2021
13. S. Köppen, Dorothea Brüggemann
Atomistic understanding of fibronectin adsorption on ceramic surfaces
MSE congress (virtual), September 2020
12. Myriam Uhrhan, Martin Kulke, Norman Geist, Walter Langel, Dorothea Brüggemann, S. Köppen
Atomistic Insights into the Adhesive Properties of Individual Fibronectin Modules
International Conference on Adhesion in Aqueous Media: From Biology to Synthetic Materials organized by the Leibnitz Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany, September 2019
11. S. Köppen
Biomolecular Adsorption on Oxide Surfaces: A Theoretical Approach
SSBII Surface Science of Biology Important Interfaces, Manchester, UK, October 2012
10. S. KÖppen, K. Li, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Comparative analysis of the adsorption of chymotrypsin on two oxide materials surfaces with opposite charge
EMRS Fall Meeting, Warzwa, Poland, September 2012
9. W. Friedrichs, B. Ohler, W. Langel, S. Monti, S. Köppen
bioadsorption properties of tropocollagen like molecules onto rough titania surfaces
Euro BioMat "European Symposium on Biomaterials and Related Areas" Jena, Germany, April 2011
8. S. Köppen, W. Friedrichs, L. Colombi Ciacchi, W. Langel
Simulation of the adsorption of collagen like peptides on titianium dioxide
EMRS Spring Meeting "Functional Biointerfaces" Strasbourg, France, June 2010
7. S. Köppen, L. Colombi Ciacchi, W. Langel
Energetics of Peptide Adsorption on Titanium Dioxide Surfaces
PROSURF workshop "Protein Surface Interactions" Sestri Levante, Italy, June 2009
6. S. Köppen, W. Friedrichs, B. Ohler, S. Monti, W. Langel
Collagen on Titanium Dioxide Surfaces: A Refined Computer Model for the Interaction of Triplehelix and Telopeptide with Titanium Dioxide Layers
3rd International Symposium "Interface Biology Of Implants" Rostock, Germany, May 2009
5. S. Köppen, W. Langel
Simulations on the Adhesion Energetics of Peptides and Titanium Dioxide Surfaces
ESF workshop "Challenges in modelling the interface between biomolecules and inorganic surfaces" Mainz, Germany, March 2009
4. S. Köppen, W. Langel
Atomistische Simulation der Wechselwirkung von Kollagen mit titanimplantaten in biologischer Lösung
4th workshop "Biomaterialien" of the Mineralische und Technische Kristallographie and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie, Halle, Germany, October 2008
3. S. Köppen, W. Langel
Calculations on the Adsorption of Special Functional Groups on Titanium Dioxides:
Amino, Imidazole and Carboxyl
COST Action D41 of WG2, Verbania, Italy, April 2008
2. S. Köppen
Simulation der Adäsion von kleinen Biomolekülen (Di- und tripeptiden) auf Titandioxidoberflächen
DFG Workshop (Nachwuchsakademie Materialwissenschaft & Werkstofftechnik "Computational Materials Science - Grenzflächen und Grenzflächendominierte Prozesse"), St. Mergen, Germany, March 2008
1. S. Köppen, B. Ohler, W. Langel
Neue Ansätze zur Simulation von Adsorptions- und Oberflächenenergien auf Anatas und Rutil
106th Bunsen Meeting, Graz, Austria, May 2007