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Conrad Naber Endowed Chair
Hybrid Materials Interfaces
Grenzflächen in der Bio-Nano-Werkstofftechnik







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The Hybrid Materials Interfaces (HMI) Group at the Faculty of Production Engineering is an Endowed Chair of the Conrad Naber Foundation. The focus of its research lies on the atomic-level studies of interfaces between technological materials and biological macromolecules, with applications in the fields of biomedical implants, biosensors, pharmaceutical packaging, biocompatible adhesives, and many others.
The activities of HMI comprise both experimental research into biomolecular adhesion and advanced theoretical modelling from the quantum to the classical level of precision. The group members are affiliated to the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science (BCCMS) and the Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT).
The Chairholder is Prof. Lucio Colombi Ciacchi.
He is the programme director of the master's course "Process-Oriented Materials Research" (ProMat) and has been the speaker of the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen from October 2014 to October 2019.
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FeOx cluster on ferritin