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110. A. Avdoshin, V. Naumov, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Ignatov, S. Köppen
Atomistic simulations of chitosan as possible carrier system for miRNA transport
109. S.M. Ayala Mariscal, M.L.Pigazzini, Y. Richter, M. Özel, I.L. Grothaus, J. Protze, K. Ziege, M. Kulke, M. ElBediwi, J. Vermaas, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Köppen, F. Liu, J. Kirstein
Identification of a HTT-specific binding motif in DNAJB1 essential for suppression and disaggregation of HTT
108. J. Rosenau, I.L. Grothaus, Y. Yang, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Kelm, M. Waespy
N-glycosylation modulates enzymatic activity of Trypanosoma congolense trans-sialidase
Submitted bioRxiv
107. T. Wollborn, M. Michaelis, L. Colombi Ciacchi, U. Fritsching
Protein conformational changes at the oil/water-interface induced by premix membrane emulsification
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Lessons from a challenging system: accurate adsorption free energies at the aminoacid/ZnO interface
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 17, 4420-4434 (2021) Full text
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Water reactions on reconstructed rutile TiO2: a DFT / DFTB approach
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 13234-13246 (2021) Full text
104. S. Endres, L. Colombi Ciacchi, L. Mädler
A review of contact force models between nanoparticles in agglomerates, aggregates, and films
Journal of Aerosol Science 153, 105719 (2021) Full text
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Strong macroscale supercrystalline structures by direct-write self-assembly of ceramic nanoparticles
Advanced Engineering Materials 22, 2000352 (2020) (Inside Front Cover) Full text
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Mathematical aspects of catalyst positioning in lithium/air batteries
Inverse Problems 36, 044001 (2020) Full text
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A platform for screening abiotic/biotic interactions using indicator displacement assays
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Impact of the conformational variability of oligopeptides on the computational prediction of their CD spectra
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123, 6694-6704 (2019) Full text
99. B. Andreon, B.L. Guenther, W.L. Cavalcanti, L. Colombi Ciacchi, P. Plagemann
On the use of scanning Kelvin probe for assessing in situ the delamination of adhesively bonded joints
Corrosion Science 157, 11-19 (2019) Full text
98. J. Li, Q. Li, S. Potthoff, G. Wei, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Force spectroscopic detection of peptide cleavage by thrombin in a bio-sensing context
Analytical Methods 11, 1102-1110 (2019) Full text
97. F. Macul Perez, Y. Corrales, K. Rischka, W.L. Cavalcanti,
M. Noeske, A.A. Safari, G. Wei, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Bio-interfactants as double-sided tapes for Graphene Oxide
Nanoscale 11, 4236-4247 (2019) (Front Cover) Full text
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Compaction-induced restructuring of aggregated nanoparticle films using the discrete element method
Powder Technology 342, 773-779 (2019) Full text
95. D. Carmona, L. Treccani, M. Michaelis, S. Lid, C. Debus,
L. Colombi Ciacchi, K. Rezwan, M. Maas
Mineralization of iron oxide induced by ferritin homopolymers
immobilized on silica nanoparticles
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials 8, 16-27 (2019) Full text
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ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 4, 4036-4050 (2018) Full text
93. R. Kun, F. Langer, M. Delle Piane, S. Ohno, W. Zeier, M. Gockeln,
L. Colombi Ciacchi, M. Busse, I. Fekete
Structural and computational assessment of the influence of wet-chemical post-processing of the Al-substituted cubic Li7La3Zr2O12
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10, 37188-37197 (2018) Full text
92. A. Sulce, J. Backenköhler, I. Schrader, M. Delle Piane, C. Müller, A. Wark, L. Colombi Ciacchi, V. Azov, S. Kunz
Ligand-functionalized Pt nanoparticles as asymmetric heterogeneous catalysts: molecular reaction control by ligand-reactant i nteractions
Catalysis Science & Technology, DOI: 10.1039/C8CY01836G (2018) Full text
91. Z. Wang, S. Wu, L. Colombi Ciacchi, G. Wei
Graphene-based nanoplatform for surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensing
Analyst 143, 5074-5089 (2018) Full text
90. M. Delle Piane, S. Potthoff, C.J. Brinker, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Molecular dynamics simulations of the silica - cell membrane interaction: insights on biomineralization and nanotoxicity
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 21330-21343(2018) Full text
89. N. Hildebrand, G. Wei, S. Köppen, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Simulated and experimental force spectroscopy of lysozyme on silica
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20, 19595-19605 (2018) Full text
88. A. Sola-Rabada, M. Michaelis, D.J. Oliver, M. Roe, L. Colombi Ciacchi, H. Heinz, C.C. Perry
Interactions at the silica-peptide interface: influence of the extent of functionalization on the conformational ensemble
Langmuir 34,8255-8263 (2018) Full text
87. M. Laurien, B. Demir, H. Büttemeyer, A. Herrmann, T. Walsh, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Atomistic modelling of the formation of a thermoset/thermoplastic interphase during co-curing
Macromolecules 51, 3983-3993 (2018) Full text
86. J. Bartels, N. Hildebrand, M. Nawrocki, S. Kroll, M. Maas, L. Colombi Ciacchi, K. Rezwan
Effect of divalent versus monovalent cations on the MS2 retention capacity of amino-functionalized ceramic filters
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 11215-11223 (2018) Full text
85. J. Laube, V. Baric, S. Salameh, L. Mädler, L. Colombi Ciacchi
A new contact model for the discrete element method simulation of TiO2 nanoparticles films under mechanical load
Granular Matter 20, 28 (2018) Full text
84. Z. Wang, A. Wu, L. Colombi Ciacchi, G. Wei
Two-dimensional nanoporous membranes for water purification
Nanomaterials 8, 65 (2018) Full text
83. F.S. Tareq, C.M. Hasan, M.M. Rahman, M.M.M. Hanafi, L. Colombi Ciacchi,
M. Michaelis, T. Harder, J. Tebben, M.T. Islam, P. Spiteller
Anti-staphylococcal calopins from fruiting bodies of caloboletus radicans
Journal of Natural Products 81, 400-404 (2018) Full text
82. S. Lid, D. Carmona, M. Maas, L. Treccani, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Anchoring of iron oxyhydroxide clusters at H and L ferritin subunits
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 4, 483-490 (2018) Full text
81. Z. Wang, L. Colombi Ciacchi, G. Wei
Recent advances in the synthesis of graphene-based nanomaterials for controlled drug delivery
Applied Sciences 7, 1175 (2017) Full text
80. Z. Hughes, G. Wei, K.L.M. Drew, L. Colombi Ciacchi, T. Walsh
Adsorption of DNA fragments at aqueous graphite and Au(111) via integration of experiment and simulation
Langmuir 33, 10193-10204 (2017) Full text
79. S. Lid, S. Köppen, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Creation of models and parametrization of a classical force field for amorphous Al2O3/water interfaces based on density functional theory
Computational Materials Science 140, 307-314 (2017) Full text
78. J. Laube, M. Dörmann, H.-J. Schmid, L. Mädler, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Dependencies of the adhesion forces between TiO2 nanoparticles
on size and ambient humidity
Journal of Physical Chemisty C 121, 15294-15303 (2017) Full text
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Variability of zinc oxide dissolution rates
Environmental Science & Technology 51, 4297-4305 (2017) Full text
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L. Colombi Ciacchi, J. Falta, A. Schaefer, J.I. Flege
Growth and structure of ultrathin praseodymium oxide layers on Ru(0001)
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19, 3480-3485 (2017) (Inside Front Cover) Full text
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Irreversible damage of polymer membranes during attenuated total reflection infrared analysis
Applied Spectroscopy 71, 1127-1133 (2017) Full text
74. A. Fabre, S. Salameh, L. Colombi Ciacchi, M. Kreutzier, J.R. Ommen
Contact mechanics of highly porous oxide nanoparticle agglomerates
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 18, 200 (2016) Full text
73. M. Sauerbrey, J. Höcker, M. Wellbrock, M. Schowalter, J.-O. Krisponeit,
K. Müller-Caspary, A. Rosenauer, G. Wei, L. Colombi Ciacchi, J, Falta, J.I. Flege
Ultra-smooth Ru(0001) films as templates for ceria nanoarchitectures
Crystal Growth & Design 16, 4216-4224 (2016) Full text
72. Q. Li, T. Zhang, Y. Pan, L. Colombi Ciacchi, B. Xu, G. Wei
AFM-based force spectroscopy for bioimaging and biosensing
RSC Advances 6, 12893-12912 (2016) Full text
71. L. Derr, N. Hildebrand, S. Köppen, S. Kunze,
L. Treccani, R. Dringen, K. Rezwan, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Physisorption of α-chymotrypsin on SiO2 and TiO2: A comparative
study via experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
Biointerphases 11, 011007 (2016) Full text
70. T. Dabrowski, A. Struck, D. Fenske, P. Maaß, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Optimization of catalyst positioning in porous cathodes
of lithium/air batteries filled with different electrolytes
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 162, A2796-A2804 (2015) Full text
69. J. Laube, S. Salameh, M. Kappl, L. Mädler, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Contact forces between TiO2 nanoparticles governed by
an interplay of adsorbed water layers and roughness
Langmuir 31, 11288-11295 (2015) Full text
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Atomistic modeling of the charge process in lithium/air batteries
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 25807-25817 (2015) Full text
67. R.H. Meißner, G. Wei, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Estimation of the Free Energy of Adsorption of a Polypeptide on Amorphous SiO2 from Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Force Spectroscopy Experiments
Soft Matter 11, 6254-6265 (2015) Full text
66. S. Pokhrel, J. Birkenstock, A. Dianat, J. Zimmermann, M. Schowalter,
A. Rosenauer, L. Colombi Ciacchi, L. Mädler
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and theoretical modeling for the formation of WO3 crystallites
CrysEngComm 17, 6985-6998 (2015) Full text
65. Q. Li, M. Michaelis, G. Wei, L. Colombi Ciacchi
A novel aptasensor based on single-molecule force spectroscopy for highly sensitive detection of mercury ions
Analyst 140, 5243-5250 (2015) Full text
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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 455, 236-244 (2015) Full text
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AIChE Journal 61, 2092-2103 (2015) (Front Cover) Full text
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Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 7295-7307 (2015) Full text
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Label-free sensing of adenosine based on force variations
induced by molecular recognition
Biosensors 5, 85-97 (2015) Full text
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Journal of Chemical Physics 142, 064116 (2015) Full text
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Analytical Letters 48, 424-441 (2015) Full text
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Biointerphases 9, 031018 (2014) Full text
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DFT study of reaction processes of methane combustion on PdO(100)
Chemical Physics 443, 53-60 (2014) Full text
56. S. große Holthaus, S. Köppen, T. Frauenheim, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Molecular dynamics simulations of the amino acid-ZnO (10-10) interface:
A Comparison between DFT and DFTB results
Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 234707 (2014) Full text
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Computational Materials Science 92, 343-352 (2014) Full text
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Surface Innovations 3, 27-38 (2014) Full text
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Computer and Fluids 97, 31-39 (2014) Full text
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Langmuir 30, 3487-3494 (2014) Full text
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 3995-4001 (2014) Full text
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Featured in Physical Review Focus (Vol. 26, 13 August 2010) Full text
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Materials Science Forum 287-288, 211-214 (1998)

Proceedings and other articles

11. I. Bačić, A. Rodenhauser, B. Kuhfuss, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Forschendes Lernen im Masterstudiengang Systems Engineering: Bausteine erhalten, Bausteine zusammensetzen, Ergebnisse reflektieren
to appear in "Forschendes Lernen als Studiengangsprofil - Zum Lehrprofil einer Universität", Edited by T. Hoffmeister and H. Koch, Springer Verlag (2018)
10. V. Baric, J. Laube, S. Salameh, L. Colombi Ciacchi, L. Mädler
A contact model for the discrete element simulations of aggregated nanoparticle films
to appear in the collected reports of the Priority Programme 1469 "Partikel in Kontakt", Edited by S. Antonyuk, Springer Verlag (2018)
9. L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Köppen
Nanoscale properties of solid-liquid interfaces
Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, Part 14, 1728-1733
Edited by B. Bhushan, Springer Verlag (2012) Full Text
8. J. Zimmermann, L. Colombi Ciacchi
Ab initio simulations of the initial oxidation of CoCr alloy surfaces
inSiDE - Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland 6, 14-19 (2008) Full text
7. J. Zimmermann, L. Colombi Ciacchi
DFT modelling of oxygen adsorption on CoCr surfaces
in: W. E. Nagel, D. Kröner, M. Resch, Eds., High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '07, Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 173-186 (2008) Full text
6. A. De Vita, L. Colombi Ciacchi, S. Piscanec, F. Zuliani, E. Vesselli, G. Comelli, S. Meriani, S. Roitti, O. Sbaizero
Chemical optimization of titanium surfaces for the nucleation and growth of apatite films
In: Proceedings of the 7th national conference of the Associazione Italiana Materiali, Italy (2004)
5. L. Colombi Ciacchi, M. Payne
A first principles molecular dynamics study of the initial oxidation of metal surfaces
In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference ‚ÄúComputational Modeling and Simulation of Materials‚ÄĚ, Italy (2004)
4. M. Mertig, L. Colombi Ciacchi, A. Benke, A. Huhle, J. Opitz, R. Seidel, H. K. Schackert, W. Pompe
DNA-based fabrication of metallic wires and networks
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The formation of metal clusters on biopolymers investigated by first-principles molecular dynamics
Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM) 2, 5-8 (2003)
2. M. Mertig, R. Seidel, L. Colombi Ciacchi, W. Pompe
Nucleation and growth of metal clusters on a DNA template
AIP Conference Proceedings 633, 449-453 (2002)
1. O. Jost, A. A. Gorbunov, L. Colombi Ciacchi, W. Pompe, X. Liu, T. Pichler, L. Dunsch, M. S. Golden, J. Fink
Optical adsorption study of factors influencing the carbon nanotube nucleation process
AIP Conference Proceedings 591, 341-344 (2001)


2. S. Steckbeck, L. Colombi Ciacchi, Klaus Rischka, I. Grunwald
Verfahren zum Charakterisieren Oberflächenadhäsiver Eigenschaften
von Peptiden und Proteinen
German patent application: FM5175-01DE (2012)
1. M. Mertig, L. Colombi Ciacchi, R. Seidel, W. Pompe, A. De Vita
Verfahren zur Schaffung von Nukleationszentren für das selektiv heterogene Wachstum von Metallclustern auf DNA Molekülen
German patent application: DE 102 28 056 A1 (2002).


2. L. Colombi Ciacchi, Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Pompe
Growth of platinum clusters in solution and on biopolymers: the microscopic mechanisms
University of Dresden (2002) Full text
1. L. Colombi Ciacchi, tesi di laurea (graduation thesis) under the supervision of Prof. Valter Sergo
Analisi piezospettroscopica di semiconduttori: teoria e applicazioni
University of Trieste (1997) Full text